Investigating Davinci Resolve’s ability to match broken link files

the key is five letters

Mar 10, 2024


  • When you add material
  • Clips on the timeline that are missing links
  • If the name matches 5 letters with the material you added, it will link automatically

There are some additional details of the situation, please see the description below.

Survey Procedure

First, prepare from 1.png to 123456789.png (contents are the same)

Then, import from 1.png to 12345678.png

Lay out on the timeline from 1.png to 12345678.png

Deleted from 1.png to 12345678.png in finder

Import the remaining 123456789.png

Timeline remains red.

Delete all

On the timeline, the color changed to a bright red.

Import 123456789.png again

The same names with more than 5 letters are automatically restored

Davinci Resolve Version